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Multi Task is a module developed by Custom Scriptz for Zen Cart where you can delete/move/copy (and in the near future, edit) products in batch.

This module is free?

This module is supported by Zen Cart Team?

  • No, we support this module.

This module will overwrite any of my files?

  • Yes, 2 core files from Zen Cart.

System Requirements

Zen Cart v1.3.8a or newer
PHP 5 or newer



  • Edit/Delete/Move/Copy Products in Batch

Before Installing / Upgrading

Thought our modules are exhausted tested, we do not guarantee that everything goes smoothly, so please, BACKUP YOUR DATABASE AND FILES before proceed.

Installation Instructions

  • Unzip the file that you downloaded from our Customers Area to a temp dir on your computer.
  • Inside that dir, you will notice one dir called "uploads".
  • If your "admin" directory has a different name, rename the dir "admin" dir that's inside the "uploads" dir to match yours.
  • Backup/rename the files /admin/categories.php and /admin/includes/modules/category_product_listing.php to your computer.
  • Upload all contents of the dir "uploads" to the root of your shop (don't upload the dir "uploads", but what is inside of it).
  • After uploading all files, go to the Admin Panel of your Shop -> Catalog/Products -> Categories and start using Multi-Task

Upgrading Instructions

  • Same as installing.



Got Questions, Bugs or Requests?