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Ogone Payment Module is a module developed by Custom Scriptz for Zen Cart that allows you to take Ogone payments on your shopping cart.

This module is free?

This module is supported by Zen Cart Team?

  • No, we support this module.

This module will overwrite any of my files?

  • No, this module does not overwrite any core files from Zen Cart.

System Requirements

Zen Cart v1.3.8a or newer
ionCube Loaders
PHP 5 or newer


  • Easy to Setup
  • Automatic release of downloads

and much more...


Not available, request a demo

Before Installing / Upgrading

Thought our modules are exhausted tested, we do not guarantee that everything goes smoothly, so please, BACKUP YOUR DATABASE AND FILES before proceed.

Installation Instructions

  • To be added. Contact us and we'll install free of charge for you.

Upgrade Instructions

  • Follow the installation instructions.

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