Custom Scriptz has stopped trading

Custom Scriptz was founded in 2009 to make easier for store owners find the scripts I built for Zen Cart. A BIG Thank You to every customer that has ever purchased a module or hired me to improve or fix their store.

For the past 5 years I have been unable to keep up with the modules updates due to family and work commitments. Therefore I have decided to release all modules I still hold a copy free of charge. I'm still uploading the modules, please bear with me. If you have made changes to a module, feel free to raise a PR on GitHub.

Below you can find my GitHub where most of my modules are published and are free to use in your store. The second button is for the licence manager. If your store is showing a licence error when trying to access one of my modules, please download the zip file, unzip to your PC and follow the instructions in the README.txt file. Once the file is uploaded all your modules will start working again - this script will turn your paid copy into a free copy so you can run the modules forever even if our domain stops working.

If you have any questions, custom work or just want to say hi please email me on [email protected]

Many Thanks